Hit Run

I am having a great week.

Recently, I went into best buy for about ten minutes at the most. I come outside to find that my tahoe has pretty decent size dent on the left side of my back bumper. No info, no note, no witnesses. Nothing. This stirs my pot. Why…Why must folks not own up.

I know accidents happen, but growing up my parents taught me to take responsibility for my actions. I noticed that the streak marks on my black bumper were light blue. So if anyone sees a baby blue car in Tucson let me know. Can’t be too many baby blue’s out there.

Have a great day, and fess up baby blue car in Tucson,

Daniel Schlereth


  1. mikesmind

    I am always paranoid that someone is going to do that to my car too. I do hope you find out who did it. I’ve seen people do that and just leave and it really annoys me that people are so disrespectful to others property

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