Hello Everyone-

Sorry for that month layoff. I have had a struggle with the internet and its difficult to write an entry from my phone. Anyways a lot of things have happened since I posted last. 
I am currently playing for the AA Affiliate Mobile Baybears and we are cruising. We just finished a road trip in Jacksonville and took 4 of 5 from the Marlins AA Affiliate Jacksonville Suns. We had to bus to Raleigh, North Carolina after the game to take on the Mudcats who are in the Reds organization. 
I will be back to post some random adventures that I have endured along the way. Most of these include catching turtles and going to Bass Pro Shops everyday before I have to be at the field.
Talk soon. 
Daniel Schlereth


  1. ickthus

    I have been to just about every home game of the Bay Bears this year. Good to see you guys having fun and playing good ball. There are a few of us that have been coming out every game sense the park opened years ago. We can see how the team has come together this year to play “team” ball. It?s one thing to have talent but it is nothing without heart. That?s something real ball player and real fans know. If you play from the heart you can never lose a game. I have not seen you guys lose this year. See you Monday night.

  2. coloradotpfog1

    Hey Dan,

    I played at Ponderosa, I was a junior when you were a senior…We faced Kroschelle or however you spell that…man oh man was I glad we didn’t have to face you….Do you know what happened to him? I hope you make it up to the bigs so that I can say I faced a big leaguer!


  3. kedelaney7@hotmail.com

    Hey Dan,
    Hey congrats on everything man.. My name is Kevin Delaney, not sure if u remember me its been a very long time we were in the same class from grade school to high school when i moved, im in iraq serving in the army right now heard about u doin great things.. this is the only way i could find to talk.. Congrats again… Hit me up if u get the chance…

  4. ickthus

    I was at the BayBears game tonight (like I am most nights they are in town), and went to give Kevin?s e-mail addy to Dan but he was gone, history, down the road, on this way to The Show, in the Bigs now. Glad I got to talk with him last night before at the game. He pitched a solid inning of relief last night and we got the win. 7 wins in a row now! Good luck in the Bigs Dan. You?ll always be BayBear. , David

  5. Daniel Schlereth


    Thanks for the comments.

    Kevin, I do remember you, how are you doing it has been a long time. Hope all is well and thank you for serving us. Your work does not go unnoticed.

    Tom, Krosschell is how you spell the last name and he is now living in Denver doing real estate. He played pro ball for two years and decided to move on.

    Any questions or comments email to danielschlereth25@gmail.com

    Thanks fellas.

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