Movin’ From Mobile

Hello everyone-

To my teammates, coaches, and fellow Mobilians, (probably no such thing) I wanted to say thank you for the past couple months. It was a great ride while I was there and maybe I will get to see some of you in the near future. 
Even though the AA Southern League was the stickiest league in baseball, it was still a cool atmosphere to be apart of. 
Best of luck to the Baybears for the rest of the season. Thanks guys. Peace.


  1. lefty45fan

    Welcome to the big leagues Daniel. I want to thank you for taking the time to sign an autograph for me yesterday before the game and also pose for a picture with me. I was the one that told you that I got to meet your dad the day before.

    Thank you again and keep up the great work.


  2. bboltik

    Yo Dan, congrats on the big move. This is probably the biggest moment of your life. And you will be up here for a long time. Keep doin’ what you do. We are all proud.

  3. charliehorse

    Just wanted to let you know my first game on the air in South Bend to talk about the Booster Club and some Silver Hawks Alumni was the day you got the promotion to the dbacks!

    I was excited to report on it and I was amazed that it only took you a (less than) year to go from Single A to MLB! You better not feel discouraged as there are a ton of guys who wish they were in your shoes, AND you will be back!

    I’ve been meaning to get the ‘Hawks jersey out for you to sign. drop me a line if you can in regards to shipping it.


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