American Idol

Ok, make fun of me all you want, but I am an American Idol fan. I started to get into it this past season. Mostly because my lady, Bree, likes to watch it and forces me to sit and watch with her. But now I remind her when the show is on. The tables have turned.

I am upset about last weeks episode because my personal fave, Allison Iraheta, was voted into the bottom 3!!! Come on America! This girl is 16 and rocks the mic like Pat Benatar and Joan Jett in their prime!

Please vote for her if you are into that kind of thing because she is the next Kelly Clarkson, maybe even with a little more style. Allison, you will probably never read a blog on this site but if you do, my fiance and I are pulling for you!!! 



  1. manoman12

    I’m picking Gokey to win it all. He just has that skill. Nice pick with Allison Iraheta though. Good luck this season!
    The Manoman
    P.S. If you could post a comment on my blog that would be really cool. If not, no problem and I hope you enjot your first full season! 🙂

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