Let it begin..

Nothing better… The smell of fresh cut grass in the mornin, the crack of the bat, and heaters smackin’ the leather of a catcher’s mitt. The 2009 Major League games have officially begun.

A great time for the fans to take a break from the real world to watch their favorite clubs as they all begin their journey toward a world series championship. 
For me personally, I am not slated to pitch until Friday against the Chicago White Sox. With that said, I stay back with the players who aren’t scheduled to play in the game to get some work in. For pitchers, that means a “side” bullpen session with some fundamental and PFP (Pitcher Fielding Practice) work. For position guys, that’s hack after hack to go along with baserunning drils and fielding drills. 
Fans might think that their favorite players simply have an “off” day if they are not in the lineup. Well I can tell you that is not the case at all. They are at practice early in the morning working on a pitch or an approach at the plate, while some others like my teammates Eric Byrnes and Tom “Flash” Gordon are working their tail off with the trainers and strength coaches to prepare for the long demand of the season as they are being hampered right now with nagging injuries from last year. 
Anyhoo, I hope this post is a help to some of the fans looking for a little insight on how spring training works if they ever ponder why a certain player isn’t in the game. 
I hope to see all you Tucsonians (not sure if that’s right) at Tucson Electric Park to support the 2009 squad. This club is loaded with young talent and should be a tough competitor in the National League… So look out! 
That’s all for now, see you next week. Love the comments so keep them coming, D-Back Dan out. Peace.


  1. clhuntling@yahoo.com

    Going to my first spring training game today….my birthday! What a great present.

    Go Diamondbacks!

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